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Recommended ICS Courses:
How to get started

The fastest way to begin taking the recommended courses for Basic Academy is to visit the FEMA EMI website. You can learn about each course, download materials and take courses interactively. These courses are NOT a requirement to attend Basic Academy but may be required should you choose to complete further training with WCJC CERT Just follow these easy steps:

1. Click on the course names below to take the training.  Plan accordingly as the courses
    can range from 1-6 hours depending on the course and your pace. 

Course Code: IS-200.b

Course Code: IS-700.a

Course Code: IS-800.b

Course Code: IS-317.A


2. As you complete each online course it will culminate in an online final exam. In order
    to pass the course you will have to score at least a 70%. You can take the exam as
    many times as necessary to receive a passing score.

3. Upon successfully passing your exam, you will receive an email within one business
    day containing the link to your electronic completion certificate.

4. Save your certificates and then if you would like to continue training with us after Basic Academy, email the certificates to

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